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the stain

May 20, 2010

fragrant mile long stain on the leotard of the godess.  Imodest to say, but it was my deed, the juice I spilled, my only seed.


beat you to hell

May 20, 2010

In hate I wrote an epithet that bled and wept and shat and spit

In anger I made a solemn vow to beat you down to fucking hell


thump to the head

May 14, 2010

my heart is like a broken box filled with sneezes and chicken pocks.

My mind is like an apparition of some sort of old suspicion.

My body is a sullied book filled with crannies and a hook

Where I hang my tired head and sleep until the day I’m dead.

(upon which I wake up and do a dance)

the other thing

May 9, 2010

that is the other thing which I almost forgot to mention.  It is of trivial importance and must be kept in a cool area lest it become spoiled and demand an automobile for it’s sixteenth birthday.

Never give in to automobile requests.


May 9, 2010

There is a saying which goes “…”.  That is probably the most important thing you will ever learn, don’t forget it.

There is an old secret and this is that they don’t care what you do, they don’t have the time.

Once upon a time there was that, that which is bright and shining, which is clear and pale.

In other words, hold my hand.


May 9, 2010

the headaches of the world unite in an untidy mess of transparent personalities.

Dirty festering troubles linger in smoking rooms filled with character assassins.

Fermenting ideas come to the surface and muster up tides of horrible memories.

Stark winds blow and call out “don’t leave the onions on”.

All this, this thisness, it stinks, it putrifies.  Its really quite wonderful.  I’m happy to be here.


May 8, 2010

crocodile son of a bitch got up on the seventh light to see the dunes of maladroit open the sanctimonious egg.  A long journey ensued whereupon the romantic literati broke with tradition and enigmatized falling star journals.

There was a pregnant pause of mustard pubic bones leaving for the journey to parts unknown.

It was so filthy that crocodile shuddered in a provocative way and loosened her corset easilly and quickly, revealing everything that had come to be known so often by their dirty fingers.

After the sex (which was boring and uninteresting) they smoked camells and ate aubergines.  They didn’t really care for either