octopus girlfriend

Mabel walked all of her circles tightly like some grandmother spider giving birth to the myriad things.  She was an unfortunate mix of benzodryne and boot sauce.  That was immeterial though as she had never so much tried than reviled their very backwardness.

In school she was a clown, but at home she appeared to her parents as too serious.  Not a single lul in her schedule of writing cryptic remarks to the math teacher in parenthesis detailing the exact locations of the points along a perfect circle.  She was a parfait gentle warior and never so much raised a hand on a man.  There was a spark of gentle divinity which although scraped together from old photocopies of gentle annie, seemed much more colourful than the others at the AV club.

Mabel once met a boy who gave her the oddest contrivance made of tin.  She kept her marbles in it and cherrished the day that they would meet again.  Maybe it would be a Sunday around five thirty PM, that would be such a nice break from the daily grind.


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