anti art

We the undersigned, viewing art as: a) artistic b) important to itself c) very serious d) a collection of ideas e) skip e for now, we will get back to it at a later date f) utterly full of reverence for its own very sacredness e) as we have returned to e it shall be stipulated that art never skips a step in the artistic process g) a giant pink elephant in a room full of school girls h) highly influential in the lives of serious people with serious ideas, goals, and orientations i) utterly negligable j) etcetera etcetera etcetera…  choose to utterly reject art in all of its forms and substitute it with the most mundane, banal, ridiculous, and stupid ideas based on the refusal of artistic talent and the appreciation that art as a movement is a self defeating proposition.

Others have tried before us!

Dadaism offered a remedy to the artisticness of art but later turned into a puddle of surrealism and conformity through the importance of its important ideas.

We refuse the basic rationale of creativity (unless of course you offer us money, in which case we shall consecrate this document as artful artiness which offers a view into the essential… sorry, we have lost our train of thought at the moment.  The next car leaves in aprox three hours).

Art is an ancient cheese which tastes like a rotting bird on the side of a rural road but that people in ornate clothing claim tastes heavenly.  We reject this as a symbol of intentional blindness.

We are completely naked!



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