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on nothing

April 22, 2010

Ripped on a thousand.  Out of body out of mind, no spirit to protect.  Back to the source at the price of stupidity.  Spiralling out you don’t care anymore.  Laugh lightly as if you recognize.  Spiral in it doesn’t matter.  Into infinity, into pure energy, totally dead to the world.   Poor bunny.


octopus girlfriend

April 16, 2010

Mabel walked all of her circles tightly like some grandmother spider giving birth to the myriad things.  She was an unfortunate mix of benzodryne and boot sauce.  That was immeterial though as she had never so much tried than reviled their very backwardness.

In school she was a clown, but at home she appeared to her parents as too serious.  Not a single lul in her schedule of writing cryptic remarks to the math teacher in parenthesis detailing the exact locations of the points along a perfect circle.  She was a parfait gentle warior and never so much raised a hand on a man.  There was a spark of gentle divinity which although scraped together from old photocopies of gentle annie, seemed much more colourful than the others at the AV club.

Mabel once met a boy who gave her the oddest contrivance made of tin.  She kept her marbles in it and cherrished the day that they would meet again.  Maybe it would be a Sunday around five thirty PM, that would be such a nice break from the daily grind.


April 10, 2010

Mandala mandala, wherefor art thou mandala.  Sand colour and seafoam forgetting the six harmonies while eating cake with a pitchfork.  Its all about the sequin ballerina drum circle movement class where you toss off inhibations and dance for the sheer joy of things other than this.  Its just for fun, its just for fun.

sordid lifestyles of the poor and indiscriminate

April 10, 2010

as Billy clambored up the hill he sought that basic dignity that all humans desire to obtain before dying.  He thought about the soft hand that he fell asleep on in the western side of an old building on Morris street.  Billy was a murderer, but he was very well mannered and cooked well.  He thought about deep things.  In fact his thoughts were so deep that he sometimes felt he was drowning.  Billy was a terrible slut, the kind that would fly through a donut in orgasmic ecstacy.  But he was a nice boy.  He shot for gold but ended up with tin.  Billy was influenced by Futurism but he thought it was all too heavy and why drive cars fast?

Essentially he borded up his dreams with a Massonic hammer and traded the extra nails for pornographic candy he found in Mrs.Atckin’s sweater vest.  Billy was the kind of kid who would get right up your nose, but he always brought his books back to the library on time and he never complained when his sister got the choice portion at dinner time and all he got were smelly beans.

Billy climbed over the fence and took a seat on the pole.  Things were looking up it seemed.  He wasn’t bored, but he was a hell of a kid.  Billy was like a pie eyed pigeon that shat all over the city, but he was so considerate when talking to his elders.

He looked out over the city with a wild surmise.  It was time to get washed up and peel the potatos, but he decided to take just a few more minutes and ruminate on the girl he had met.  She was dressed in a wrong fitting lycra dress suit and smelled like onions, but he was in love and would give her the pop tin sunglass case he had built, but he couldn’t find her and decided to go home.

fragment list

April 9, 2010

1) the table she

2) felt something wet

3) cocked his

4) said never

5) around pensively

6) in absolute wonderment

7) shone brightly

8) looked over the

9) to the

10) found it in

fragment 2

April 9, 2010

the said word that.

fragment 1

April 9, 2010

the blue cry.

anti art

April 9, 2010

We the undersigned, viewing art as: a) artistic b) important to itself c) very serious d) a collection of ideas e) skip e for now, we will get back to it at a later date f) utterly full of reverence for its own very sacredness e) as we have returned to e it shall be stipulated that art never skips a step in the artistic process g) a giant pink elephant in a room full of school girls h) highly influential in the lives of serious people with serious ideas, goals, and orientations i) utterly negligable j) etcetera etcetera etcetera…  choose to utterly reject art in all of its forms and substitute it with the most mundane, banal, ridiculous, and stupid ideas based on the refusal of artistic talent and the appreciation that art as a movement is a self defeating proposition.

Others have tried before us!

Dadaism offered a remedy to the artisticness of art but later turned into a puddle of surrealism and conformity through the importance of its important ideas.

We refuse the basic rationale of creativity (unless of course you offer us money, in which case we shall consecrate this document as artful artiness which offers a view into the essential… sorry, we have lost our train of thought at the moment.  The next car leaves in aprox three hours).

Art is an ancient cheese which tastes like a rotting bird on the side of a rural road but that people in ornate clothing claim tastes heavenly.  We reject this as a symbol of intentional blindness.

We are completely naked!



April 9, 2010

That would be to say that there is nothing so magically organized to appear as something that we have all vergessen the way to the postal office.

stark 4

April 7, 2010

to those who know

look out

did you escape