lovely melting feeling

would drink you like orange juice fermenting into sour grapes hopefully not unhappy in the long term but short time lovin’ aint the style of aunts and uncles of unclean children who dance about at the thought of future drifting into the quality assurance section of the clothing company which alternatively expells mist into the eyes of a disenfranchised and somewhat bitter writer with a twinkle in his eye.  Don’t heed the advice given wrongly by spinning tops and whirling dirvishes as you feverishly walk around in circles looking for a cathartic release which comes like you do into a light socket in a rain storm further helped by the static electricity of the universe all knowing fondling itslef like a rather silly rabbit who hasn’t quite given up on the incredible newness of our collective experience


2 Responses to “lovely melting feeling”

  1. Alice Lee Munroe Says:

    This reminds me of something… but what…

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