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March 21, 2010

and with a trifling laugh they toss their black hearts into the sea smiling merrily like Isrealites making their way through the burning fiery furnace to the promised land of milk and honey.  And with that I bid goodnight to you, may you sleep well and have a brighter tomorrow.


magic paint by numbers

March 20, 2010

is only what is but in fact isn’t really what it isn’t doesn’t want what it wants but thinks without too much effort to open up like flowers do at this time of year in this part of the world.  Rather than that why not break into pieces to put back together again for an august bank holiday lark (or song bird).  At that we wimper and fall down all the way to the bottom of the top and climb back up again.  Speaking in tongues was always a specialty of mine but it doesn’t seem very useful when locusts and cicadas hum hymn sing dance parties to sting so bitterly as if to say I wonder if that makes any sense to you at all?

semi serious post

March 20, 2010

she said she was confused, well, I am… also confused.  So there it is, there is a dead sparrow laying in the road flying away onto the power lines.  Its all there and if I could say it I likely wouldn’t because I’m coy like that.  So, sorry, I’m sorry like a walrus that walks in on a polar bear party.


March 18, 2010

feckless frailties foxtrot fantastically.  Father’s feared fast fluent fighters flatulent flouting filabusters.

frankly folks, f@#k!

shake the earth

March 17, 2010

way out beyond the skyline is a collection of names.  Crying and happy, tired, moving with extreme precision.  Its all for us, they shout and wrythe.  If you spend that time making amends you would see clearly that your faults are the faults of others, as everyone is perfect.  Give in to the idea of ideas and the fate of the fates.  Donkey shine mother fucker.

under the piano bench

March 16, 2010

your friends aren’t just your friends, but they are your teachers.  Some of them are teaching you how to be a better person, some are teaching you to take advantage of opportunities.  Others are teaching you to stay the fuck away from them.  All valuable lessons.

after the storm

March 16, 2010

Things were really flying around out there, we came within an ace but made it out alive.  Good thing.


March 16, 2010

Poetry in the 20th and 21st century has taken ona vulgar tone of pretension and imbicility which makes us feel sick.  People taking themselves seriously is part of a grand joke on humanity that starts wheels within wheels which grind us into a fine paste of pain and illusion of intelligence.  The stress builds, we find ourselves crushed under its weight, its stress.  So I just write complete and total fucking nonsense as an insult to all who think of themselves as artistic and serious.

gold fish girl

March 16, 2010

swimming in the tank, bubbles floating from the mouth and gills.  Talking about pain and how it keeps us alive.  Parting pals, its no problem for soldiers that don’t fight in armed conflict.  Gold fish girl, running around knocking over furniture, bad goldfish.

worry and peppi salad bar dudgeon

March 13, 2010

ferment ferment my soul is on fire.  Its really a lot to ask so I won’t but maybe I will, will, will it to be, because its not.  Its nothing really nothing nothing other than this (which I have brought to show you, but why?).  We can fly around and scatter pieces of us to the edges of the world where nothing is happy until you make it up to yourself through calamity opening itself like a can of tuna which my cats will soon devour.  Better to just nod and smile.