boneless turkey

servile pod packed mushroom eating man on a stick I love you.  Its not enough though that the hairs stand on end and forget the meaning of silence.  We are fogged and fooled by some unintelligible voices that echo into chaotic rackteting like a ball bouncing against walls and back to check if you have time to eat some lobster tail tempura and have a bath, but whatever, as if I thought of that.  Higher up on the balcony in the basement that hides itself on the main floor of the attic I acquired something sorrowful and full of meaning that I had previously remembered to quickly jot down on a piece of plastic as it flew by into the unknowing realms of gold and magenta eyeliner that vomit frequently on our sacred cows.  Seriously, fuck them, they don’t deserve you and if they don’t accept your life you can let them carry on in ecstacy as is generally the way with human pimples of knowledge and curatorial skill.


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