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create suffering wherever you go

January 30, 2010

the great fruit of the spirit is benevolence, but I don’t like fruit.  what is the meat of the spirit, I love the taste of cow.  Meat is murder.  Life is murder.  what?  By definition you can not live without killing something.  But it is against the first commandment to kill.  That is why we are in purgatory.  I don’t believe in purgatory.  God doesn’t believe in you.  I believe in Buddha.  Buddha doesn’t believe in you either.  That is because I don’t exist.  I exist and don’t exist at the same time, like the smallest particle of matter, like the universe.  Brahma will be unhappy with you.


mercantile boner receiving unit

January 30, 2010

gorgeous belly of a transatlantic homosapien without shoes striking boldly into the millions.  Sort out the fish as we fly through mirrors into spirals of doom and insanity that we find quite amausing and quaint because of our extraterrestrial origin orgams fist  bump.  If I told you everything you would quickly become frusturated and you would demand sexualization of the devil who speaks in tongues while blessing us with his holy seal (arf arf arf).  Its out there beyond the sea that we see the saws playing correct country hymns about the second and third coming in our broken chimeny of a home.  Our undoing is our advance message to those who would celebrate the unbeing of all.  That is to say that you are having a blast.  Write home soon.  Love- your heart

eros marsupiel in the soup

January 30, 2010

grind my body into salt to decorate your plate with kind words that pierce hearts and make for agonizing sunsets of velvet and red microbes circling the wagons and shooting you in the eye with bodily fluids fighting all the time over the correct spelling of your mother’s name.  Its just too grand, too impossible to utter these words, so I keep my mouth shut like a Keebler elf on a giant turtle who inevitably ate too much for dinner languishing in circular reasoning like a stale fart in an icy grip after the sex (which was boring and uninteresting)

donkey donkey splash

January 30, 2010

the dirt smells wonderful as we forget the letters spelling god’s name in sandboxes full of tangerine broken glass.  Lines are drawn, people eat each others ear wax and celebrate celebacy while cuddling close to one another in an erotic embrace centering themselves, pigeon holed, orifices screaming for more.  Ice cream trucks circling.  People agonizing of cherry strawberry over lemon marangue pie like it was some sort of television special for the children who eat shards of metal for their daily bread and cut each other with sharpened finger nails questioning why is doesn’t have to be this way.

penguin heart

January 23, 2010

your penguin heart reveals the inner essence of mediocrity and frivolity that masks you essential nature which is unchanging movement that never stays the same.

banana cream strawberry hunting knife

January 14, 2010

it creeps across the floor in pairs of four and darts about when you go out.  It hides under your bed and has been fed on ankle bones and cooked earlobes.  It strips you down to your nightgown and eats your toes and beats your nose.  It scares your kids and kiss your lips, it curls its eyes and ignores your cries.

January 12, 2010

isn’t the sky broken in such a beautiful way she said as we slid down the melted egg into heaven.  Children laughed in mad hysteria while the sun snapped back at us that it has always been

amethyst houreglass

January 9, 2010

bug: you have been frozen in time.  You are possibly of a derivative of the blood line that I descended from, but you my dear bug are stuck in a goldish prison rock and may one day be used for dinosour dna which will threaten the very fabric of civiliz…  Oh fuck it, I really can’t be bothered.  Its a sham, its a model car broken down by the winds of the bottoms of upturned loners.  Its full of icecream cones and jelly.  There are no people in sight.  I think I’ll take this opportunity to take a pea.

utter nonsense

January 9, 2010

middle, we find ourselves after the incident to exist in a non linear worlds were existence is mobility through interdimensional nonconnectedness.  end,  I wake up and it was all a dream.  Beginning, have my toe nails really grown that much in the last week?  They are practically to the ceiling!

girl who makes music

January 9, 2010

girl, you play a Korg, when I’m around you I feel like a borg.  I know your dad, he is pretty rad.  He does Aikido, I think you’re neato.  I pray to god that you don’t catch me in a speedo.

You’re kind of cute, you make me feel like an uncultured brute.