seven seals

New age: new age, who came up with that idea?  Walk through the higher realms lie, you still feel weak and disenfranchised.  Society doesn’t respect you, you are a dreamer living in a fantasy world.  Light work: another name for cheapening the beautiful meditation tradition of a world you have separated yourself from through belief in mystical bullshit that some fraudster uses to make money for laying his hands on you and selling books about pretend realms that have no intrinsic value besides being a beautiful idea.  It is a lie, you believe that something magical will happen and we will all fly to heaven?  Why can’t you see that only you can provide peace to yourself.  There is no santa claus, the higher beings are not coming to protect you.  Better take the pillow out from under your head.  The real thing is out there for those who look sincerely.  I hope you find it.  The seven seals say arr arr arr!


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