a girl

light fragments into a million mandalas of utter uselessness and nonsense.  It reflects back on itself in a dissapearing pool of colour and imagery.  The tree of life is quiet, forget the Romans, forget yourself.  Alusions to abstract imagery of words and dogma as it arises through the lense of logos and miasma.  A sordid mess really.  A fractal on the run from an infinity which broke off from the present moment to take a piss off an overpass and laugh at all the trains of thought that get splashed with a whiter shade of pale.  Helixes in the distance chime out like bells in your mind and turn in spirals constantly staying in the middle.  the zhongding of the universe is perfect harmony and alignment, but you can’t seem to get past duality and so you don’t see it, until briefly, gently, a soft song plays with no crescendo until the moment that you have always existed in.  Unending begins in a sphere of sounds that are clearly visible out the window of your godless baby carriage.  The ancient child that is contained within knows nothing of your struggle and sorrow, you know nothing of its pain.  Together you are two ignorant fools trying to make their peace in a frozen eternity..


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