parting the lady’s hem

What I hope is that the way you undo your skirt will leave me with something to work with.  What I fear is that the buttons will fly off and we will both have to walk home naked.  what inspires me is the thought that I might smash your boyfriend in the mouth and take you away to my cave.  My cave!  The cave that I rent for three hundred dollars a month.  The place where my tv and bed are.  Bed, a bed so warm, so inviting, that you may have to give it up to me just for the sheer joy of the sleep after.  I just hope that the bugs are gone.  I just hope that you are not hiding a sausage under your dress.  I just hope that the hem of your pants doesn’t split while I pleasure you on the bus.  I just hope we get to go out for ice cream afterward.


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